Why Thrift?

Why should you thrift? Well, not only can you find great items for lower prices, but it also helps our environment in more ways than you can imagine.

The Waste

The waste created by the fashion industry is unmatched by almost anything else and even grows each year. Clothing production creates more green house gas emissions than international shipping and flights combined. Within the last 15 years, production has doubled but the amount of time items are worn before it's thrown away has folded in half. About 12% of clothing is recycled and less than 1% is used to make new clothing.

Fast Fashion

"Inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends." Maybe you wonder, "What's the issue with that?" And here's the answer: Fast fashion uses tons of non-renewable resources, enables sweatshops, produces loads of green house gasses, and destroys trends before they even get off the ground. You could buy an inexpensive top from Shein but by the time it arrives at your door it will be out of style. You'll maybe wear it twice, or until the low quality fabric gets a hole in it and then, you throw it out. It will go to a landfill and be either burned or buried. This is how more textile waste is created.

The Answer

Thrift! Or upcycle! There are so many ways to reuse our everyday clothing and either make some money or something new! Thrift shopping can help local small businesses (such as ours), save you some money, and help you to find pieces that are unique to you. Thifting and second-hand shopping keeps items out of the landfill and gives cool pieces a second chance at life!

Donation Centers

While we take most of the clothing that comes through our doors, we also donate what cannot be sold. We donate to a local tri-county charity in Jackson, Ohio. The Buckeye Community Service is a non-profit organization that works with individuals with developmental disabilities in Southern Ohio.

All of the items we donate provide job training skills and needed clothing to their clients. They have been amazing to work with over the years and we appreciate them so much!