Frequently Asked Questions

When we say frequently asked questions, we aren't kidding! We practically have a whole job position just for answering incoming questions through our messenger (thank you Natalie)!

Where are you located?

955 2nd Avenue Gallipolis, Ohio 45631

For those of you who have been with us since we first opened, we have a new and (much) bigger location now! We moved in late October and we love our new location! Thank you for your continued support.

What are you taking right now?

We take inventory according to the season. We split up the year into sixths, and right now we are taking light basic wear, such as t-shirts, long sleeves, jeans, short boots, tennis shoes, light jackets because we are in-between seasons.

Check our Seasonal Inventory tab for ideas on what to bring in!

What are your hours?

Monday: Closed

Tuesday through Saturday: 10 to 6

Sunday: Closed

Do you take formals?

Yes! We take Prom dresses from January to March, and Homecoming dresses from July to September.

How does consignment work?

Our store does a 50/50 split with the consignor (more than most consignment stores share) when the item sells. We accept two 13 gallon bags per week, per consignor. We have about 5,500 consignors, so that rule is super important! Make sure the clothes you bring in are in season, in style, clean, and undamaged! After we process the clothes that come in, they go onto our sale floor for 90 days and get marked down every 30 days, after that they are donated unless you call a week ahead of the pull date and request that they are returned to you. It is super important that we get a notice, because pulling clothes that are already on the sale floor is a time-consuming and difficult task for employees.

Learn more about our process by pressing the button below.