Familiar Faces

Meet Our Owner

Janet Baldwin has known many careers but none have stuck with her quite as much as owning a small business. With a masters degree and years of teaching under her belt, as well as almost 21 years in business management, Janet is a well rounded woman and experienced business owner. Janet works tirelessly to make sure quality shoes and purses stay on the floor and that all of her employees and customers stay happy. 

Meet Amanda!

Amanda has managed our store for the last 8 years and continues to make sure the store is kept tidy, comfortable, and welcoming. You'll often see her at the counter, running the register, typing, or joking around with her best friend Tammy.

Meet Tammy! 

She is full of life and joy, and you'll usually see her running the register and teasing Amanda. She steams, lists, and types. She was out of commission for a little while, but she's back and better than ever! 

Meet Lexie!

Lexie is the newest member of our team! Lexie helps with displays, steams, hangs, types, lists, tags, and keeps Natalie company. Lexie is always sporting the cutest thrifted outfits and sometimes even models for advertisements! We are so glad she joined our team. 

Meet Natalie!

Natalie occasionally runs the register, hangs, and lists, but the majority of her time at work is spent working on ads, online sales, and the windows you see when driving by. She has recently been dedicating lots of time to growing our vintage section and online presence.